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Google My Business listings will soon replace websites for some types of local business.

If that got your attention then good, because the local web landscape is changing and its happening fast.

Say hello to Zero click search.

With more and more people using their mobile phones as the device of choice to access the internet, the way in which local businesses are being found in search has changed.

Now a local business is more likely to be found via the map pack results that Google shows when a local user searched for a search term that has a local relationship.
For example, if a user types in Italian restaurant into Google, it will return a 3 Map Pack results at the top of the search results showing the user any local Italian restaurant.

What happens next is where things have changed as 50% of Google searches end without a click to other content, like the Italian restaurants website.

In other words Google is becoming the one stop shop for local users to find what they want. And if that was'nt enough, Google have added Google My Business Listings to the mix that allows some types of businesses to add all their basic content for free. Including a one page website.


Google has stacked the deck even further by giving more weight in local search to businesses who have good quality Google My Business Listings.

So times are changing...again

Not all businesses should give up on their websites, but for some it really is on the horizon. If you decide to though make sure you have a strong presence on Google My Business.

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GMB Services

for small business owners who just want a Google My Business Listing I offer specialist help in the following areas.

Keyword Research

Choosing the correct high value local keywords to target is crucial for web success.

Flat Rate: £35.00 ph

GMB Optimisation

The first step to local search success is an optimised Google My Business listing.

Flat Rate: £35.00 ph

Reputation Building

Manage your reviews from a central source with built in alerts to respond in real time.

Flat Rate: £35.00 pm

Localised Reports

Recieve monthly reports showing how your local keywords are ranking on local search.

Flat Rate: £25.00 pm

Why I price web work by the hour

In the web world no two markets are the same and no two websites are built the same - so rather than create a one size fits all Local SEO pricing plan I prefer to opt for a more simple pricing structure based on what is needed.

and here's how it works

I begin by first reviewing your website and the maketplace it exists in. Which gives me an idea of how well your website is made and the state of the competition.
We then discuss what you are trying to achieve, after which I will give you an estimate of how many hours I think it will take to achieve your chosen goals.
Times the number of quoted hours by my Flat rate and you have your price.

but also...

I request payment for all work up front.
However if I do not use up all the allocated hours I will provide you with a refund for any unused hours.

Get in Touch...

if you have any questions or would like to know a little more about the services I offer.

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