Check for SEO issues A beginners guide

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STEP 4: Check

With all the base components of your website now in place the next step is to see how well you have actually done in optimising your website.

Do not miss this step as it can have dire consequences on your search engine ranking results and in turn how many people visit your new website.

The easiest way to perform the necessary seo checks is to run an audit report. It will tell you if there are any errors on your site, where they are and how to fix them.

Audit report are available for free on most good seo sites (you can find zendawg local seo audit report here). Be warned that the reports can be quite technical and can be quite in-depth with sometimes over 35 error checks, 28 different types of warning and a handful of notices.

So getting the report is quite straightforward - understanding what the issues are and how to fix them may prove a little more complex.

Now if you are brave at heart or just love learning new stuff then you could choose to carry out the audit checks yourself.

If so, you will be happy to hear that there are a heap of different free software packages available that will let you do most of what the big time report provide. And this way you will also learn a whole lot more about your website and how it works.

Top tip: Start with the Google software and then move onto the other packages if you need to.

Here's the software list - have fun.

NOTE: this is by no means an comprehensive list but simply a compilation of some of the software I like to use.

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