Analyse Performance of SEO A beginners guide

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STEP 6: Analyse

So you have designed, built, added content to create a search engine optimised website and are about to embark on the final piece of the process which is a backlinks campaign. All of which is brilliant and you deserve a pat on the back.

But truth of the matter is that you are now only at the start line of running a web business and make it grow.

And to do this you are going to need information about how many people visit your website, where they come from, how long they stay on your site and if you sell things, how many visitors convert into sales. Using this information you can then set goals and targets and decide what areas you need to work on to make better.

All of this information will be available to you once you install google analytics on your website. So if you haven’t already, log into a google analytics and add your website. (How you install google analytics is dependant on your software platform details of which should be readily available on the web. )

There are a few things that google analytics doesn’t show you like how many links to your website, whether all the pages on your site are being indexed and what keywords you are being found for. For this you need a google search console account which provides all of this.

While on the subject of reporting I also suggest you keep track of the ranking position of all of the keywords associated with each of your pages. (Grab them from the content mapping document you created. ) Unfortunately google doesn’t have a stand alone free bit of kit for this so you can either manually enter your keywords into search engines yourself and then make a note of the resulting positions. Or you can log into Google Search Console and select Performance and then select Average Position with Date set to something like Last 16 months. Or you can subscribe to a reporting service that emails you with this information once a month and which allows you to see complete progress over time.

With all this information at hand you will be able to see whether all your seo efforts have been fruitful or that you still need to do some more work to get higher up the rankings.

But be aware that the web world is in a constant state of flux and just because you have reached the top of the ranking doesn’t mean you are going to stay their. Competitors will respond and try and oust you from the top spot if you stop and relax thinking it’s job done.

So you need to keep working on your seo strategy because it’s a ongoing battle to stay in the top spot of search engine rankings.

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