About ZenDawg a very short overview

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The web journey began at...

ntl Internet in the early years of the interweb which is where I learnt my base computy knowledge.


I worked as a consultant in conjunction with the WDA (Welsh Development Agency) which later became Welsh Assembly providing help to new business startups who needed to get to grips with all things web.


I designed and built my first ECommerce wesite back in 2002 - followed by 4 more - then combined them into a single website in 2018. (You can read about the backstory here.) So I know all about ecommerce, blogs, social media, digital marketing and of course SEO.
Plus a whole lot of other stuff.


I decided to start my own SEO constancy in Oct 2019 basically because I have a heap of expertise and enjoy doing SEO. I also made the conscious decision that I wanted to work with small businesses to help them get a foothold in the ever changing web world. I’m a small business owner the same as you, and so understand the importance of getting good outside help at an affordable rate for things I don't have the time, inclination or experience for yourself.

All of which means...

if you are a small business looking to expand either locally or nationally/internationally I have the experience to help you.

and there you have it...

Oh!... and as for the name ZenDawg

that's another story altogether and you can ask me about it if we meet.

and finally ...this is me.

brinley - owner of zendawg

Just get in Touch...

if you have any questions or would like to know a little more about the services I offer.

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